Mission Statement

We, the parish family of Our Mother of Mercy, are an important part of the Universal Church and of the Diocese of Beaumont. We proudly claim our heritage from the roots of Southwest Louisiana. Our local roots are in the Pear Orchard community in the south section of Beaumont.

It is here that we demonstrate our belief in the value of each one’s unique gifts by working together to create a sense of belonging. One of the gifts we share in common is that of a black heritage. All that we are and do flows from this.

We believe that we are called to witness to each other and to the surrounding community of the presence of Jesus among us. We acknowledge this is accomplished by our strong family traditions; by our concern for the elderly, the young, and the ill and by the way we celebrate liturgy of praise. We believe it is made possible because we are bound to each other by inner ties of faith and grace. We also believe that it enhanced and strengthened by the openness of the leadership of our parish family, the priests, and the laity.

We commit ourselves to continue to build the strong foundations lovingly laid for us by those who have came before us in the history of this parish. We take seriously our call to proclaim the word, to serve the needs both in our parish and community and beyond thereby molding ourselves into a sign of the kingdom.